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Peakflo announces its seed funding

On July 6th 2022, Peakflo announced its $4.1M seed funding from Y Combinator, Rebel Fund, Amino Capital, Soma Capital, GMO Fintech Fund, CE Fintech Capital, GFC, EF and Angel Investors (such as Oliver Jung, Amrish Rau, Alexander Kudlich and XA network).

Peakflo team with investor logo and 4.1 million seed series investment announcement
Approval PO
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How Finance Teams Can Get Faster Approvals 

How Finance Teams Can Get Faster Approvals Image by vectorjuice on Freepik For most accounts payable departments, getting a purchase order (PO) approval is time-consuming.  In fact, a study showed

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What Makes a Great Modern CEO
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What Makes a Great Modern CFO?

6 Qualities of a Great Modern Chief Financial Officer (CFO) As technological innovations take over finance and accounting, chief financial officers (CFO) have become the harbingers of digitization to the

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