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Jurnal ERP integration with Peakflo

Finance Operations Made Easy with Peakflo + Mekari Jurnal ERP

Without Peakflo


  • Manual procurement

The procurement team files a PQ through GForm. The finance team manually
converts the PQ into PO and sends it to the vendor. PO issues oftentimes get
overlooked as the finance team doesn’t have an access to communicate with vendors.

  • Manual data entry

Finance teams enter purchase order, bill, and reimbursement details manually to the accounting software or spreadsheets which often leads to costly inaccuracies.

  • Manual PO to bill matching

Accountant matches the purchase order with vendor bills which leads to having delayed and error-prone reports.

  • Manual approvals

Finance teams have to chase different approvers through long chains of emails which take up
a lot of man-hours, hindering them from
taking on higher-priority tasks. Approvals tend to prolong due to the approvers skipping notifications.

  • Manual vendor bill payments

Accountant enters payment details in Jurnal, accesses a payment getaway and requests OTP from the finance lead.

  • Inefficient vendor communications

The finance or procurement team
needs to collect personal information and payment preferences from vendors. Whenever there’s a PO or payment status update, you’ll need to reach out to them again,
complicating communications.

  • Siloed internal coordination

The finance team has problems resolving issues with bills due to
fragmented internal communications.

  • Manual reconciliation

The finance team has to audit transactions going in and out and account reconciliation can take
up to 30 working days.

  • Lack of control over budgets and spending

Every department enters and tracks budgets through different spreadsheets, resulting in inefficient and delayed reports. The finance team doesn’t have enough transparency over the month-by-month summary spends.

  • Manual ledger maintenance

Accountants manually update each transaction to the ledger sheet, which consumes plenty of time doesn’t provide much insights into the company’s cash flow performance.


  • Inflexible payment follow-ups

AR manager can only send payment reminders via email and has to write different messages based on customer categorizations.

  • No finance CRM

Account managers have to follow up continuously with different customers. Oftentimes any changes to the invoices are not tracked properly and communications are scattered. This prolongs collection cycle and can lower team productivity.

  • Complex payment process

Customer makes payments in different bank accounts and AR manager has to verify the payments one by one, therefore the balance is not auto-updated. The finance team has to handle disputes manually which can impede productivity.

  • Manual reconciliation

AR manager has to reconcile each vendor payment and any record mismatch has to be resolved with the finance team. This process can take up to a whole month to finish.

  • Manual collections tracking

Finance manager creates spreadsheets to track , reminder delivery and customers’ invoice status, which is difficult to manage and lacking visibility

  • Tedious reconciliation

Set up is time-consuming as the finance team has to either import bank statements in bulk or they have to connect to the bank manually

With Peakflo


  • Automated procurement

The procurement team can generate all types of purchase documents. Once approved,
PQ can automatically be sent to vendors on your preferred messaging channel. The finance team can communicate with vendors in real-time to resolve disputes quickly.

  • Automated data entry

Peakflo scans PO, vendor bill, and reimbursement details with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for automated data-entry and records them in a centralized dashboard for easier tracking.

  • Automated PO to bill matching

Match your purchase order with the vendor bill and track open/closed purchase order balance for a more accurate reporting.

  • Automated approvals

Finance teams can set custom approval workflows with multi-level stakeholders, assign to a budget , and trigger automated, multi-channel reminders. Approvers can approve bills from their mobile devices.

  • Pay in advance

Schedule payments or
even pay in bulk right on the due date with a multi-currency wallet.

  • Streamline vendor communications

Vendors with certain permissions can access Peakflo’s user-friendly dashboard where they can view and edit their personal information, add payment preferences, and check the status of their invoice payments securely.

  • Team work makes the dream work

Peakflo consolidates communications in a single channel! The finance team can mention their co-workers on a particular bill for a smooth internal coordination and resolve issues faster.

  • Automated reconciliation

Peakflo enables 2-way synchronization with Jurnal for scheduled and paid bills so the finance team can reconcile accounts in just 15 minutes.

  • Stay on top of budgets and spending

Any department can track budgets in real-time and get intimations before the budget limit exceeds. The finance team can have full visibility over month-by-month summary spends to drive better decisions.

  • Real-time ledger reports

Accountants can review transactions to ensure that all records are correct and optimize business cash flows through real-time, automated ledger reports.


  • Flexible payment follow-ups

AR managers can leverage a centralized workspace with multi-channel payment reminders based on an escalation matrix, promise-to-pay tasks, and actions for one-click follow ups.

  • Enable a finance CRM

Account managers can interact with customers without any delay and get instant notifications via email once the customer responds. Any conversations are captured in an audit trail complete with a full timeline of the invoice status.

  • Seamless payment process

Peakflo’s self-serve portal enables customers to clear payments and solve disputes quickly. The finance team can receive payments straight to their bank account, enter payments outside of Peakflo, and the balance will auto-update.

  • Instant reconciliation

Finance teams can save 100 man-hours by utilizing static and dynamic virtual accounts that help with instant reconciliation.

  • Transparency at scale

. Get access to detailed reminder delivery tracking, customer status tracking, and invoice status tracking reports to get paid 2x faster

  • Instant reconciliation

Enable a quick 2-way sync and utilize static and dynamic virtual accounts to reconcile in minutes

Integrate Mekari Jurnal with Peakflo

Instantly connect your Mekari Jurnal account with Peakflo and leverage the power of automation without affecting your work.

What Our Customers Say

“Peakflo seamlessly integrated into our existing NetSuite ERP and improved our finance team productivity significantly. We have sent over 100,000 workflow guided payments and now collect our accounts receivable 10-15 days (-20%) higher than average.”
Ritchie Wong, CFO of Ninja Van
Ritchie Wong
Group CFO, Ninja Van

100k workflow-guided reminders

workflow-guided reminders

12 days reduction in DSO

days reduction in DSO

100+ man-hours saved

man-hours saved each month

Read customer story

“Peakflo seamlessly integrated into our existing ERP and improved our finance team productivity significantly. We have sent over 100,000 workflow guided payments and now collect our accounts receivable 10-15 days (-20%) higher than average.”
Ritchie Wong, CFO of Ninja Van
Ritchie Wong
Group CFO, NinjaVan

100k workflow-guided reminders

workflow-guided reminders

Read customer story

days reduction in DSO

man-hours saved each month

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