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Peakflo + Quickbooks Integration: Pay & Get Paid Seamlessly

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Quickbooks and Peakflo integration

Finance Operations Made Easy with Peakflo + Quickbooks Integration

Pay bills
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Pay bills

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Without Peakflo


  • Manual data entry

Finance teams enter purchase order, bill, and reimbursement details manually to Quickbooks which often leads to costly inaccuracies.

  • Siloed vendor communications

The finance or procurement team
needs to collect personal information and payment preferences from vendors. Whenever there’s
a PO or payment status update, you’ll need
to reach out to them again,
complicating communications.​

  • Manual approvals

Finance teams have to chase different approvers through long chains of emails which take up a lot of man-hours, hindering them from taking on higher-priority tasks. Approvals tend to prolong due to the approvers skipping notifications.

  • Manual disbursement

Accountant has to make card or online banking payments outside of Quickbooks. This can prolong payment and reimbursement time.

  • Painful auditing

Auditors have a hard time tracking communications and actions associated with any POs, bills, or payments and need to scramble through documentations to compile audit files.


  • Follow up payments manually

AR manager goes through different messaging channels, tailors messages based on the customer categorization, and sends payment reminders to vendors.

  • Manual tracking

AR manager, sales people, and finance officers track the status of payments in spreadsheets, causing siloed communications & delay.

  • Complex payment and verification

Vendor makes payments through a back account
and AR manager has to check bank details and verify a stack of payment proofs, which is time-consuming and can lead to costly errors.

  • Manual reports

Finance manager creates spreadsheets to track customers’ credit control limit and payment behavior and has no access to cash flow predictions.

With Peakflo


  • Automated data entry

Peakflo scans PO, vendor bill, and reimbursement details with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for automated data-entry and records them in a centralized dashboard for easier tracking.

  • Seamless vendor communications

Vendors with permissions can access the Peakflo dashboard to view and edit their personal information and check the status of their bill payments. The finance team can share PO and payment receipts via WhatsApp for Business to vendors.

  • Automated approvals

Finance teams can set custom approval workflows with multi-level stakeholders, assign to a budget , and trigger automated, multi-channel reminders. Approvers can approve POs, bills, and transactions from their mobile devices.

  • Auto disbursement

Accountant can utilize a multi-currency wallet to pay vendors in bulk or schedule payments and reimbursements right on the due date.

  • Make auditing a breeze

Auditors can simply track action log reports and audit trails that capture a full timeline of communications, actions, and PO, bill, and payment history.


  • Send automated payment reminders

Leverage a centralized workspace with multi-channel reminders based on an escalation matrix with promise-to-pay-tasks and actions for one-click follow-ups

  • Simplified tracking

Stay on top of deliverability on all bounced reminders and track last opened date.

  • Get paid in your sleep

Customers make payments in Peakflo with the self-serve portal. Utilize a static virtual account, instantly receive bank payments, and easily record transactions outside Peakflo. Balance will auto-update and duplications will be flagged.

  • AI-powered reports

Finance team can access detailed reports and predictive cashflow analytics, credit control reports, plus customers’ payment status and behavior for better strategic decision-making.

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What Our Customers Say about Peakflo + Quickbook Online Integration

reduction in bill payment fees

days reduction in invoice collection time

hours saved per month in finance operations

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reduction in bill payment fees

Read customer story

reduction in invoice collection time

hours saved per month in finance operations

What Our Customers Say about Peakflo + Quickbook Online Integration

reduction in invoice collection time
reduction in bill payment fees
saved per month in finance operations

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