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Account Receivable Reports Every Business Must Track

Accounts receivable, a key component of any company’s financial health, represents money owed by clients to the business for goods or services rendered.

Effective management of accounts receivable helps ensure business sustainability, improves cash flow, and can provide insight into customer behavior.

To streamline this process, businesses should routinely generate and analyze certain essential reports. This article discusses seven vital accounts receivable reports that every business must track for efficient cash flow management.

1) Customer Status Tracking Report

Customer status tracking report in Peakflo's accounts receivable reports

The Customer Status Tracking Report provides an overview of the status of each customer in terms of their current and past transactions.

This report gives insights into each customer’s payment habits, credit values, and overall transaction history.

By understanding the pattern of customers’ payment behavior, businesses can make informed decisions about credit extensions and anticipate potential payment delays.

2) Invoice Status Tracking Report

Invoice status tracking report

An Invoice Status Tracking Report helps monitor the lifecycle of every invoice issued by the company, providing a detailed view of each invoice’s status—be it paid, pending, or overdue.

This real-time report allows businesses to identify late payments quickly and initiate proactive measures to secure the owed amounts, significantly reducing the risk of bad debts.

3) Credit Control Report

Credit control report

The Credit Control Report is an essential tool for managing the credit terms offered to different customers.

It monitors each customer’s credit limit and usage, enabling businesses to ensure that credit exposure remains within acceptable limits.

Over time, this report can help a business identify patterns in credit usage and adjust credit policies as necessary.

4) Reminder Delivery Tracking Report

The Reminder Delivery Tracking Report helps ensure prompt and consistent follow-up on overdue invoices. This report tracks the status of payment reminders sent to customers, thereby helping businesses maintain a systematic approach to debt recovery.

In addition, the analysis of this report allows a business to refine its reminder delivery process, making it more effective.

5) Aging Receivable Balance Report

Reminder delivery tracking report

The Aging Receivable Balance Report categorizes outstanding invoices based on their age – typically 30, 60, 90, or more days overdue.

This report provides a clear picture of the financial health of the business by identifying potential cash flow issues in advance.

More significantly, it helps pinpoint problematic customers who frequently delay payments, enabling companies to adopt appropriate remedial actions.

6) Cash Flow Analytics

Visualize cash flow health and anticipate the future with Peakflo's cash inflow forecasts!

Cash Flow Analytics goes beyond just tracking receivables by providing a comprehensive analysis of the cash flow patterns in the business.

It forecasts future cash inflows based on current receivables and past payment trends. This information is vital in strategic decision-making, such as capital investments, budgeting, and resource allocation.

7) Team Activity Report

Team activity report

The Team Activity Report gives insights into the performance of the accounts receivable team.

It details each team member’s activities related to managing accounts receivable, allowing management to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

This report contributes to maximizing team efficiency and overall effectiveness in financial management.


Effective accounts receivable management is a critical component of any successful business.

By routinely tracking these seven key reports – Customer Status Tracking Report, Invoice Status Tracking Report, Credit Control Report, Reminder Delivery Tracking Report, Aging Receivable Balance Report, Cash Flow Analytics, and Team Activity Report – businesses can better control their receivables, optimize cash flow, and ensure financial stability.

For businesses looking to streamline this process, Peakflo provides a comprehensive solution.

Accounts Receivable Dashboard Peakflo

As an innovative accounts receivable management platform, Peakflo offers all these essential reports and more, equipping businesses with the tools they need to monitor, analyze, and optimize their accounts receivable effectively.

With Peakflo, tracking and managing receivables become simpler, more efficient, and more insightful. Try out Peakflo today!

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