How Advance PH saved almost 300 man-hours per month on automating invoices collections

"Peakflo is easy and straightforward to use. We have been able to save 297 man-hours per month on sending invoices and collections follow ups and reduced our DSO by 25 days."

Alvia Lampa
Head of finance at Advance

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man-hours saved per month


days reduction in DSO


Based in: Philippines

Peakflo customer since: July 2021

Invoices per month: 400-500


Advance is the first salary on-demand provider in the Philippines. Advance extends financial services to employees by way of their employers to improve engagement, financial wellness, and enrich a companyโ€™s core benefits program.

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๐Ÿšฉ Problems:

  • Sending invoices to customers and following up on unpaid invoices manually

โœ… Solutions

  • Peakflo automated reminders

Problem: Manually sending invoices to customers and following up on unpaid invoices

Before using Peakflo, Advance used Google sheets to send around 500 invoices and send manual email reminders to their customers. It took around half a day every day from 3 members of the finance team to send and follow up on the invoices. In other words, the Advance finance team spent around 297 man-hours per month on manual and tedious invoice follow-ups resulting in the finance team members feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Solution: Peakflo automated reminders

With Peakflo automated workflows, now Advance finance team automatically sends all the invoice reminders through emails to their customers and their team is able to focus on more value-added tasks instead of manual follow-ups that could easily be automated. Now their team is happier and more productive.
Setup smart workflows with automated WhatsApp and email reminders

โ€œWith Peakflo, our team has been able to reduce manual work, streamline finance processes, and centralize collections data.โ€

Alvia Lampa
Head of Finance, Advance