Janio reduced the DSO of over 1,000 customers to 40 days using Peakflo

"Overall I'm very satisfied with the Peakflo system. It synchronized seamlessly with our accounting software. The dashboard layouts and reports are very helpful."

Fabian Loke
Accounts Receivable Manager, Janio

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40 days

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Peakflo customer
July 2021

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Janio is a cross-border logistics service provider that simplifies deliveries across borders. Combining technology and market knowledge, Janio provides an effective end-to-end logistics solution in Asia where businesses can manage their e-commerce shipments on a single platform.

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For Janio, preparing manual reports and following up with clients were time-consuming. As a result,  there was a lack of visibility into their collection reports, causing the whole team to have an inefficient collection process.

To gain more visibility into customers’ payment behavior, Janio utilized Peakflo’s detailed customer tracking reports. In addition, with Peakflo’s customized automated reminder, they were able to collect payments faster. Overall, Janio has brought down the DSO of 1,000 customers by 40 days.

Problem: No real-time visibility

Janio didn’t have any visibility into their collections process, making it challenging to plan their budgets. Since they didn’t have easy access to critical business metrics, preparing reports was tedious.  

Solution: Detailed out-of-the-box reports

The customer status tracking reports have enabled Janio to keep a close eye on the customer timelines and give them a bird’s eye view of their customers’ payment behavior. 
Customer status tracking reports

Problem: Inefficient processes of following up with their customers and resolving disputes

Ninja Van collection team chases over 5,000 invoices/month for customers of different types and sizes (some small and some very large) across SE Asia. But inefficient collection and payment reminder processes meant that they could not collect their outstanding invoices fast enough. This was not only reducing their collection efficiency but also hampering their customer experience.

Solution: Improved collection efficiency and customer relationships by sending workflow-guided payment reminders

Peakflo has created a single source of truth of all communications with the customer, like a  Finance CRM, to be used for dispute resolution and credit controls. This has allowed Ninja Van to send multiple reminders to customers once their invoices went due. They also sent invoices before the due date. Using Peakflo, they have also created a customer timeline as an immutable audit trail of 2-way communication between client and customer. Thus, Ninja Van has managed to collect unpaid invoices faster and improve productivity in the accounts receivable collection processes. 
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