Peakflo helped us save 66 man-hours per month by automating invoice reminders!

"After using Peakflo, we have more time to focus on value-added tasks. We have saved more than 66 man-hours per month by automating payment reminders and additionally, we are tracking the invoice due dates in real-time instead of using Excel."

Kyaw Soe Oo
Accountant at We! Interactive

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man-hours saved per month with Peakflo's reminder automation

Based in: Singapore 

Peakflo customer since: December 2022

Invoices per month: 200


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Key Takeaways ๐Ÿ”‘

๐Ÿšฉ Problems:

  • Sending invoices to customers and adding invoice details one by one
  • Tracking invoice due dates in real-time

โœ… Solutions

  • Peakflo automated reminders and ready-made reminder templates
  • Peakflo customer status tracking report

Problem: Manually sending email reminders 

Like most of the Xero accounting software users, the reminders were sent out one at a time and only through email. It was extremely time-consuming for the We! Interactive team to write all the invoice details one by one, send each of the invoices to their customers and also track follow-ups.

Solution: Peakflo’s automated reminder workflows

With Peakflo’s automated workflows, now We! Interactive accounting team is automatically sending all the invoice reminders through email to their customers. By using placeholders and ready-made invoice templates, a lot of time is saved and We! Interactive accounting team does not need to manually add the invoice details one by one.

Problem: Using Excel to track invoice due dates and payments

Before Peakflo, We! Interactive accounting team used excel sheets to track the due date of invoices and their payments. It took a long time to update and monitor the sheet and the information was not real-time.

Solution: Customer Status Tracking Report

With Peakfloโ€™s customer status tracking report, all the invoice issue dates and due dates are accessible in real-time which makes it easy for the We! Interactive’s accounting team to keep track of customer payment status and payments. 

โ€œNow we can send payment reminders automatically and also track the invoice due dates in real-time. โ€

Kyaw Soe OO
Accountant at We! Interactive