We improved our DSO by 8 days in 4 months and saved 207 man-hours per month by automating our reminders.

"With Peakflo, we send all our invoice reminders automatically to customers and have improved our DSO by 8 days in 4 months. We were also able to save 207 man-hours per month by automating our reminders. With Peakflo’s vendor invoice management, we are able to save 72 man-hours per month on vendor invoice data entry and payments."

Mediha Tarić
Administration Assistant, Gazzda


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man-hours saved per month for sending invoices and follow ups


days reduction in DSO


man-hours saved on bill data entry


Based in: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Peakflo customer since: December 2022

Invoices per month: 100-300


Gazzda is a design house built on curiosity and virtue. Established in 2013, with the simple purpose to leave this world more attractive than we found it. By creating striking pieces of furniture, that bring a breath of fresh air to all kinds of interiors.

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🚩 Problems:

  • Sending invoices to customers and following up on unpaid invoices.
  • Documenting and tracking vendor invoices and payments.


  • Peakflo automated reminders
  • Peakflo vendor invoice management and bookkeeping

Problem: Manually sending email reminders and having difficulty in tracking invoices due date

Before Peakflo, Gazzda used their own internal software to manage around 300 invoices and send manual email reminders to their customers. It was difficult to track the invoices’ due date and at times they ended up sending reminders 20 days after due date.

Solution: Peakflo automated workflows

With Peakflo automated workflows, now Gazzda’s finance team automatically sends all the invoice reminders through emails to their customers. Their team is now able to focus on more value-added tasks instead of manual follow-ups that could easily be automated. Now their team is happier and less stressed. The pressure of manually sending and following up on invoices are lifted.

Problem: Manually handling bill data entry, tracking vendor payments,  and record keeping

Gazzda receives their vendor payments on paper and they ended up creating lengthy and huge excel sheets for entering bill data and tracking their payments. It took a lot of time from them to manage the payment due date on excel sheet and manually add bill data. Paying vendor invoices was also a slow process because they had to open their Microsoft OneDrive archive where they kept the vendor invoices to find and check each invoice details before paying.

Solution: Peakflo vendor invoice management

With Peakflo, the scattered vendor invoice management became centralized and the vendor invoice processing has gotten much faster and easier.
Peakflo vendor invoice management has also helped Gazzda’s finance team to digitized vendor invoices. Now Gazzda’s team can open the invoices that are entered and uploaded in Peakflo in one place and check all the data needed for making payments.

"We improved our DSO by 8 days in 4 months and saved 207 man-hours per month by automating our reminders."

Mediha Tarić
Administration Assistant, Gazzda