How Hai Sia saved 66 manhours per month and reduced bill pay time by 80%

"The numerous available customizations in Peakflo are fantastic, on top of default features such as WhatsApp OCR and sending automated WhatsApp & email notifications to vendors. "

Seow Tian Teo
Former Head of Finance at Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd

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man-hours saved by automating bill data entry


man-hours saved by automating approvals


reduction in bill pay time

Problem: Manual data entry for bills and reimbursements

Before Peakflo, every department had to submit reimbursements and bills for approval via email or hardcopy documents with data entry in the ERP (Microsoft Navision) being performed manually. This resulted in a lot of back-and-forth communication to confirm bill details or resolve other issues between the finance and other departments.

Solution: Peakflo’s WhatsApp and email OCR

All departments can now easily automate reimbursements and bill data entry via both email and WhatsApp. This has improved HaiSia’s productivity and significantly reduced man-hours spent in the process.

Problem: Manual approval process and lack of visibility over the communications and the audit trail

Before Peakflo, there were significant delays in the procurement process because HaiSia could only procure when all documents had been approved. Approval was done mostly on WhatsApp. The approval trail needed to be checked manually and it was often lost.

Solution: Peakflo approval workflow and full visibility over the audit trail

With Automated approval workflows, the purchase requests and bills are now getting approved in no time and the approval trail is fully recorded. The finance team now has full visibility over the approver, time of approval, and the details of what has been approved at any given time.

Problem: Scattered communications with the vendors and internal departments

Hai Sia’s finance team had a lot of back-and-forth communications with the vendors to confirm bill details or resolve issues with other departments since the communications were not centralized.

Solution: Centralized internal and external communications and roles-based access

With the implementation of Peakflo, all communications are now consolidated in one place, with standardized procedures in place both internally and with vendors. We are now able to communicate and respond to vendors through Peakflo. With roles-based access, we can give access to any stakeholder and customize their access level to keep them in the loop.


Problem: Manual payouts and tracking

In Hai Sia, since there are different policies involved when paying vendors, for every price and policy change, Hai Sia’s finance team needed to be able to inform the vendors quickly. The process was prolonged due to inefficient communications, manual payouts and tracking.

Solution: Peakflo automated disbursement

Now with Peakflo, based on the due date on the bill, the fully approved bills will be scheduled for payments. All the stakeholders will be notified about the status of the payouts and the transactions will be automatically recorded in Peakflo.

“Peakflo has very strong customer service with a huge focus on the customer experience. The numerous available customizations were fantastic on top of the great features that the default Peakflo account already has, such as WhatsApp OCR, automated WhatsApp, approval automation, and email notifications to vendors subsequent to payments and to customers for overdue invoices and SOAs.”

Seow Tian Teo
Former Head of Finance, Hai Sia Seafood