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The Ultimate Guide to Payment Collection Software for B2B Companies

As a B2B business owner, collecting payments from customers is crucial for your business as it impacts your company’s cash flow and the sustainability of the business itself.

However, managing payment collections can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s where payment or debt collection software comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore payment collection software in detail, including what it is, how it works, and the benefits it can offer your business.

What Is Payment Collection Software?

Payment collection software or debt collection software is a tool that automates the payment collection processes for businesses. This tool allows you to manage AR payment collections more efficiently and effectively while reducing the risk of errors and late payments. 

Payment collection automation usually is a feature that’s included in accounts receivable automation software. This AR software typically integrates with your existing payment system, such as your accounting software to streamline the debt collection process and track them in real time.

How Does Payment Collection Software Work?

The software works by integrating with the organization’s existing accounting software. Users can create automated workflows for sending out payment reminder messages or debt collection notices to customers or clients who have overdue payments.

This can be done through email, text messages, or phone calls, depending on the preferences of the organization and the customer.

Here’s how payment collection software typically works:

Integration With Your Accounting System

The payment collection process can be done by using AR automation software. It integrates with your existing accounting software. This allows the software to access customer information and track payment history.

Automated Payment Reminders 

Payment collection software also has the ability to automatically send payment reminders to customers when payments are due. This reduces the risk of late payments and the need for manual follow-ups. Using Peakflo’s accounts receivable software, you can create an automated workflow to make payment reminders to multiple channels.

Automated accounts receivable workflows

Multiple Payment Options

Payment collection software usually offers multiple payment options to customers. For instance, Peakflo has a self-serve customer portal where customers can clear invoices through different methods, such as online, credit cards, and bank transfers. This will ensure a more convenient payment experience for your customers.

Offer flexible payment options

Reporting and Analytics

Payment collection software can generate reports on payment activity, including payment history, outstanding invoices, and customer payment behavior. This provides valuable insights into your payment collection process. 

In Peakflo’s AR automation software, we have several reports such as invoice status tracking and customer status tracking report to help you understand your customer payment status and behavior, as well as DSO time. Other useful reports include cashflow analytics, invoice collection cohort, aging balance report, and more. 

Even you can also customize your own reports! Eliminate spreadsheet frustrations with AI-powered reports. Talk to our expert now!

Benefits of Payment Collection Software

Payment collection in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) software offers several benefits for businesses, including:

Improve Cash Flow 

Payment collection software can help improve cash flow by reducing the time it takes to collect payments. This means that businesses can get paid faster, which can help them better manage their cash flow. 

If you use AR automation software, you can monitor your business cash flow in the cashflow analytics report.

Cash flow analytics

Reduce the Risk of Late Payments

Since this collection software can automatically send payment reminders to customers, it can reduce the risk of late payments and the need for manual follow-ups.

Get paid 10-20 days faster

Increase Productivity

Reduce man-hours by automating the payment collection process, creating payment reminders, manual data entry, and other time-consuming tasks.

Enhance Customer Experience

Payment collection software can provide customers with a more convenient payment experience by allowing them to pay online and offering multiple payment options.

Improve Financial Management

Payment collection software can provide valuable insights into your payment collection process, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your financial planning.

Choosing the Right Payment Collection Software

When choosing payment collection software for your B2B business, there are several factors to consider, including:

Integration with Your Existing Payment System 

Make sure your payment collection software can be integrated with your existing payment system, such as your accounting or invoicing software. Ensure they have a dedicated support and engineering team to help you with accounting software integration and customization.

Peakflo supports integration with various accounting software. Even if your software is not on the list, we can help you by providing dedicated support. Let’s have a product tour first!

Features and Functionality

Consider the features and functionality that you need, such as automated payment reminders, customer payment behavior, multiple payment options, and reporting and cash flow projections.

Customer status tracking report in Peakflo's accounts receivable reports


Choose payment collection software that’s user-friendly and easy to use. This will help ensure that your team can quickly and easily adopt the software.

Security and Compliance

Look for payment collection software that’s secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations, such as PCI-DSS and GDPR.

Price Competitiveness

Instead of you buying payment collection software only with very specific benefits, we recommend you use accounts receivable software with end-to-end AR collection features. 

Peakflo is not just another software with a list of features. It’s a game-changer that transforms your debt collection process into a highly efficient and cost-effective system.

By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining your AR processes, Peakflo helps you save time and money, providing a high ROI for both your software investment and financial team. With Peakflo, you can now focus on what matters the most – growing your business to the next level.

In summary, payment collection software is a valuable tool that can help businesses improve their cash flow and streamline their payment collection process. By automating payment reminders, processing payments, and generating reports on payment activity, payment collection software can save businesses time and get paid faster.

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